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Image of Brazil falg and periodic table symbol for copper and gold Serote mine, Brazil
Published: 21 Jan 22
A copper/gold operation in Alagoas estate in Brazil.
Image of Creamer Media's Platinum 2021/22 report cover Platinum 2021/22: A market set for deficit rather than surplus Has PDF
Published: 19 Jan 22
The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) states that green hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in decarbonising the global economy and that platinum has a significant role to play in that economy. According to the WPIC, capacity targets for the generation of green hydrogen in the European Union and China will cumulatively require between 300 000 oz and 600 000 oz of additional platinum by 2030. The hydrogen fuel cell and green technology sectors are expected to significantly drive platinum demand, and with South Africa holding about 91% of the world’s platinum group metals (PGMs) reserves, the country stands to benefit from the rapidly growing global hydrogen economy. South Africa, with its world-leading solar and wind resources, and vast PGMs resources used in the electrolysers needed to produce green hydrogen, has the competitive advantage to produce and export green hydrogen. It must, however, move swiftly to exploit this advantage, which could be worth $2.50-trillion by 2050. Creamer Media’s ‘Platinum 2021/22: A market set for a deficit rather than a surplus’ report provides an overview of the platinum market in this context. The global focus of the report is on supply and demand, as well as the creation of a green economy revolving around green hydrogen, while the focus in South Africa shifts to platinum production, the country's role in green hydrogen production, the regulatory environment, electricity and labour relations challenges, as well as the main participants in the sector.
Cover image for Creamer Media's Battery Metals 2021/22 report Battery Metals 2021/22: Demand for battery metals surging Has PDF
Published: 15 Dec 21
As the world increasingly turns towards reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and decarbonisation, the use of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems is expected to increase. The International Energy Agency estimates that nearly 10 000 GWh/y of batteries and other energy storage technologies will be required by 2040.  As demand for batteries increases, so will demand for the metals and minerals that are needed to manufacture them; and with little or no inventory in the system and demand set to more than triple by 2025, buyers are seizing all they can. Meanwhile, battery metals producers are rushing to expand their operations and are evaluating new opportunities to keep pace with the surging demand for lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel, graphite, manganese, vanadium and some rare-earth metals. Creamer Media’s ‘Battery Metals 2021/22: Demand for battery metals surging’ report provides an overview of the battery metals market in this context. Globally, the focus of the report is on supply and demand and the creation of a sustainable battery value chain, while in Africa, the report’s focus shifts to some of the key mining projects under way.
Image of the Santa Rita mine, in Brazil Santa Rita mine, Brazil
Published: 10 Dec 21
A base metals mine in Brazil.
Image of Montem Resources' Trent mine, in Canada Tent Mountain mine, Canada
Published: 03 Dec 21
A coal mine in the Crowsnest Pass, in Canada.
Image of underground mining equipment at the Casa Berardi mine, in Canada Casa Berardi mine, Canada
Published: 26 Nov 21
A gold mine 95 km north of La Sarre, in Quebec, Canada.
Aerial image of Carrapateena mine in Australia Carrapateena mine, Australia
Published: 19 Nov 21
A copper mine in South Australia, about 160 km north of Port Augusta.
Image of Prominent Hill mine at sunset Prominent Hill mine, Australia
Published: 12 Nov 21
A copper mine in Grawler Craton, in Australia.
Image of coal mining equipment Werris Creek mine, Australia
Published: 05 Nov 21
A coal mine in north-west New South Wales, in Australia. ​​
An aerial vire of Polyus's Natalka mine, in Russia Natalka mine, Russia
Published: 29 Oct 21
A gold mine in the Tenkinsky District of the Magadan, in north-east Russia.
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