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Orcopampa mine, Peru Orcopampa mine, Peru
Published: 01 Dec 17
A gold and silver mine located in the Castilla mining district of Peru.
Bagdad mine, US Bagdad mine, US
Published: 24 Nov 17
A copper and molybdenum mine in Arizona, in the US.
Reefton mine, New Zealand Reefton mine, New Zealand
Published: 17 Nov 17
A gold mine located about 7 km south-east of Reefton, in the West Coast region of New Zealand’s South Island.
Macraes mine, New Zealand Macraes mine, New Zealand
Published: 10 Nov 17
A gold mine located about 100 km north of Dunedin in the Otago region of the South Island, New Zealand.
Morenci mine, US Morenci mine, US
Published: 03 Nov 17
A copper mine in Arizona, in the US.
Prominent Hill mine, Australia Prominent Hill mine, Australia
Published: 06 Oct 17
A copper concentrate containing gold and silver mine located about 650 km north-west of Adelaide and 130 km south-east of Coober Pedy in South Australia.
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