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Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2019 (Second Edition) Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2019 (Second Edition) Has PDF
Published: 19 Jul 19
The rise of green energy technologies – solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and large-scale batteries – is necessary for a low-carbon future, however, the transition from a fossil fuel base to a renewable-energy system is dependent on materials and, particularly, metals to manufacture and maintain energy conversion technologies. This is expected to lead to significant growth in demand for a wide range of minerals and metals, such as cobalt, copper and lithium, among others, which could further unlock Africa’s potential mineral development as the world progresses towards a carbon-neutral future. However, while the demand for minerals and metals provides economic opportunities for resource-rich developing countries and private-sector entities alike, major challenges will arise and need to be managed responsibly and sustainably as the climate-driven clean energy transition unfolds.
Energy Roundup – July 2019 Energy Roundup – July 2019 Has PDF
Published: 04 Jul 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The July 2019 roundup covers activities in June 2019, and includes details of State-owned power utility Eskom’s appointment of Bheki Nxumalo as its group executive for generation; South Africa’s proposed policy to govern the development of oil and gas resources; and the launch of environmental justice group groundWork’s and community organisation Vukani Environmental Justice Movement’s “landmark litigation”, demanding that government clean up the air in the Mpumalanga Highveld.
Real Economy Yearbook 2019 Real Economy Yearbook 2019 Has PDF
Published: 01 Jul 19
It has been a difficult time to be a South African over the past few years and doubly so if you happen to be a South African businessperson. ​​​​​​​ Social cohesion has weakened, government has underperformed across all three spheres, unemployment and poverty remain at extreme levels, crime and violence are constant threats, the nation’s finances have become increasingly fragile, business confidence has all but flatlined and load-shedding has remained a real and present danger. What has worried business people the most, however, has been the poor performance of the economy, which, at best, has put a squeeze on profits and, at worst, resulted in confidence sapping business failures. This weakness was epitomised by South Africa’s alarming 3.2% economic contraction in the first quarter of this year and is also reflected in this year’s edition of the Real Economy Yearbook. Nevertheless, there are a few weak signals that reforms are under way, which, if strengthened, could improve the outlook materially and lift the mood.
Energy Roundup – June 2019 Energy Roundup – June 2019 Has PDF
Published: 10 Jun 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The June 2019 roundup covers activities in May 2019, and includes details of South African State-owned power utility Eskom CEO Phakamani Hadebe’s resignation; the International Energy Agency’s appeal to countries intending to retain nuclear power as an option in their clean energy generation to support innovative new reactor designs; and the South African Department of Energy’s launch of its Wind Atlas for South Africa High-Resolution Wind Resource Map.
Road & Rail 2019: A review of South Africa's road and rail sector Road & Rail 2019: A review of South Africa's road and rail sector Has PDF
Published: 23 May 19
While the South African government continues to invest billions of rands in its transport networks, there remains a large funding gap that needs to be filled so that the country has sufficient capacity to meet demand. However, public funding is stretched and insufficient to cover all expansion and maintenance requirements. This has placed the country’s national roads agency in a difficult position in terms of how it funds new infrastructure, while road congestion remains a significant problem, especially in the metropolitan areas, with road users sometimes spending as much as three hours a day in traffic. Government is advocating that more people use public transport rather than their own vehicles to limit the impact of increasing vehicle ownership on South Africa's roads, as well as the resultant carbon emissions. Further, government is advocating for more freight to be moved onto the rail network, but massive investment is also needed in the freight rail system to ensure adequate capacity and performance. Creamer Media’s Road and Rail 2019 Report considers these issues, with a particular focus on the size and state of the country’s road and rail infrastructure, the funding and maintenance of these respective networks, and efforts to transfer road freight back onto rail.
Steel 2019: A review of South Africa's steel sector Steel 2019: A review of South Africa's steel sector Has PDF
Published: 16 May 19
The $900-billion-a-year global steelmaking industry continues to have excess capacity, putting many producers under pressure. The installed steelmaking capacity, which totalled 1.66-billion tonnes in 2018, exceeds demand by more than 500-million tonnes and this trend is expected to continue. The Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity has stated that it expects the significance of the gap between steelmaking capacity and demand to continue, and to threaten the industry’s long-term viability for many years. In this context, Creamer Media’s Steel 2019 Report examines the global steel industry over the past 12 months and provides insight, particularly into South Africa’s steel sector, including production and consumption, steel prices, import protection and the impact of US steel tariffs. It also provides and overview of the main producers, as well as a brief overview of the global and local stainless steel market.
Energy Roundup – May 2019 Energy Roundup – May 2019 Has PDF
Published: 07 May 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The May 2019 roundup covers activities in April 2019, and includes details of the South African government’s bailout of State-owned power utility Eskom; Eskom’s overhaul of its Koeberg nuclear power station, in the Western Cape; and Zambia’s plans to promote the development of renewables.
Projects in Progress 2019 (First Edition) Projects in Progress 2019 (First Edition) Has PDF
Published: 03 May 19
It is no secret that South Africa’s construction sector is in an extremely perilous state. The decline in workflow and the squeeze on margins have left large and small construction companies struggling for survival. Some of the country’s biggest firms have applied for business rescue while others have sold or are planning to sell their South African general construction divisions to focus on global niche markets, such as mining, or infrastructure opportunities abroad. This unsupportive environment has been made all the more hostile, as several construction sites have become targets for criminality and violence. These difficulties are partially reflected in this Projects in Progress supplement, with very few new projects being featured. Amid the gloom, however, there are a few behind-the-scenes developments that, if successful, could offer hope.
Automotive 2019: A review of South Africa's automotive sector Automotive 2019: A review of South Africa's automotive sector Has PDF
Published: 03 May 19
The health of South Africa’s automotive industry is strongly tied to the state of the domestic economy, with a strong correlation between economic growth rates and new-vehicle sales. The weak macroeconomic conditions battering the South African economy have slowed demand for new vehicles. New-vehicle sales have been in negative territory for the past five years, with the exception of 2017, when sales increased by 1.90%. In 2018, new-vehicle sales declined from 557 703 units to 552 190 units, and political uncertainty ahead of elections is expected to affect buying activity further, particularly when combined with economic stagnation, soaring fuel prices and Eskom’s inability to secure electricity supply. Creamer Media’s Automotive 2019 Report examines the current market conditions in South Africa’s automotive industry, including local demand, trade and investment, competitiveness and sector support, transformation, environmental considerations, and the outlook for the sector.
Construction 2019: A review of South Africa's construction sector Construction 2019: A review of South Africa's construction sector Has PDF
Published: 05 Apr 19
South Africa’s construction industry continues to face tough times amid lower investment in infrastructure by government, low business confidence and lower foreign direct investment. Considering the tough domestic conditions, many firms continue to or have begun venturing outside of South Africa to pursue growth opportunities in the rest of Africa and other select markets. The challenges that large construction firms face are also having a knock-on effect on subcontractors, which are also struggling to secure contracts and maintain staff levels. Suppliers to the construction industry are also feeling the pinch and are also seeking opportunities abroad amid the slump in the South African construction sector. Creamer Media’s Construction 2019 Report examines South Africa’s construction industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the business environment in the construction sector, key participants, local demand, international expansion, competition commission activities, corporate activity of the country’s major construction companies, and issues such as transformation, the shortage of skills and safety.
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