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Real Economy Year Book 2018 Real Economy Year Book 2018 Has PDF
Published: 29 Jun 18
During President Cyril Ramaphosa’s mea culpa social call on Desmond Tutu in May, the Archbishop Emeritus urged Ramaphosa to ensure that his much-vaunted ‘New Dawn’ did not turn out to be a ‘false dawn’. Without doubt, all well-meaning South Africans share Tutu’s sentiments. The overwhelming majority of citizens, including those in business, are desperate to see South Africa succeed economically and increasingly yearn for a more just, caring and equitable, as well as safer, society. Goodwill will be necessary, but insufficient to reignite growth- and job-stimulating investment. Trust and confidence remain fragile, and fresh uncertainty has also undoubtedly emerged as a result of the current debate about how best to proceed on much-needed land reform. It is up to government to take the lead in helping to rebuild greater resilience and confidence. The way it deals with the land debate will be a critical test, but so will its handling of issues as diverse as State-owned power utility Eskom’s sustainability, the next iteration of the Mining Charter and municipal competence. Without rapid and sustained progress across multiple fronts, Tutu’s warning of a false dawn could prove dreadfully prophetic. This publication aims to make a contribution, however modest, to building a platform for greater economic dynamism, focusing on developments in the automotive, construction, electricity, road and rail, steel, water, materials handling and logistics, pumps, coal, gold, iron-ore and platinum sectors. These sectors do not only feature in this edition of Creamer Media’s Real Economy Yearbook, but as separate reports under the banner Real Economy Insight.
Energy Roundup – June 2018 Energy Roundup – June 2018 Has PDF
Published: 05 Jun 18
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa in the past month. The June 2018 roundup covers activities across South Africa in May 2018, and includes details of State-owned power utility Eskom’s major policy reversal on cost-plus mines; the launch of Xina Solar One, in the Northern Cape; and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s decision to withdraw the proposed rules governing the registration of small-scale embedded generation below 1 MW.
Steel 2018: A review of South Africa's steel sector Steel 2018: A review of South Africa's steel sector Has PDF
Published: 31 May 18
The global steel industry remains oversupplied, which has kept the industry under pressure for years. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has reported that global steelmaking capacity contracted by 1% to 2.27-billion tonnes in 2017, compared with 2.29-billion tonnes in 2016. Nevertheless, this modest contraction in capacity is not sufficient, with the OECD estimating that demand will take more than 30 years to absorb the current level of excess capacity, which is estimated at about 730-million tonnes. Further, it is expected that global steelmaking capacity could increase by a further 2% between 2018 and 2020 as new steel investment projects are announced. In South Africa, the steel sector has been facing many challenges for years. It has been negatively affected by the import of unfairly subsidised steel, mainly from China, and from continued underspending by government on the promised billions of rands of infrastructure investment. Creamer Media’s Steel 2018 Report examines South Africa’s steel industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the global steel market and particularly into South Africa’s steel sector, and covers production, consumption and main producers, as well as a brief overview of the global and local stainless steel market.
Materials Handling & Logistics 2018 Materials Handling & Logistics 2018 Has PDF
Published: 15 May 18
Materials handling and logistics play an important role in the South African economy, which requires many kilometres of transport activity for every rand of value created. This is attributable to the country’s heavy reliance on freight-intensive mining and agricultural activities, as well as manufacturing, which mostly take place hundreds of kilometres away from import and export gateways at the coast. Moreover, as the inland hubs of economic activity are also the country’s main consumption centres, huge sums are spent on transporting consumer goods to end-consumers. Creamer Media’s Materials Handling & Logistics 2018 Report provides an overview of the sector while considering initiatives in road freight, the way in which the freight logistics sector is adopting the Internet of Things into operations, innovations in warehousing, skills availability and transformation, as well as some of the longer-term issues that will face the sector in future.
Construction 2018: A review of South Africa's construction sector Construction 2018: A review of South Africa's construction sector Has PDF
Published: 11 May 18
South Africa’s slow economic growth, a diminishing pool of construction work, increased competition and pressure by government to transform the sector are negatively affecting the country’s largest construction firms, which are facing tight liquidity, decreasing order books and margins that are under pressure. Creamer Media’s Construction 2018 Report examines South Africa’s construction industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the business environment, key participants, local demand, international expansion, competition and industry settlement activities, corporate activity of the country’s major construction companies, and issues such as transformation, the shortage of skills and safety issues.
Energy Roundup – May 2018 Energy Roundup – May 2018 Has PDF
Published: 03 May 18
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa in the past month. The May 2018 roundup covers activities across South Africa in April 2018, and includes details of US group GE Power’s successful completion of performance tests of the wet flue gas desulphurisation plant at Unit 1 of the Kusile power station, in Mpumalanga; the agreements signed for 27 renewable-energy independent power producer projects, after a delay of more than two years; and State-owned power utility Eskom’s appeal to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa to grant it the R66.6-billion it is claiming, which includes unforeseen expenses and unrealised revenue for the past three financial years.
Projects in Progress 2018 (First Edition) Projects in Progress 2018 (First Edition) Has PDF
Published: 27 Apr 18
The signing of the long-delayed agreements for 27 renewable-energy projects in April, procured by the Department of Energy in 2015, is arguably the first tangible signal that ‘Ramaphoria’ may well be starting to have positive spin-offs for the embattled domestic project economy. What is needed now is for the various obstacles blocking the investment runways in the other key sectors covered in Creamer Media's Projects in Progress 2018 (First Edition) to be progressively cleared. This will require not only policy certainty but, in some instances, also an entire overhaul of the policies that are failing to create the confidence required to stimulate the investment needed to lift South Africa from its low-growth flight path.
Automotive 2018: A review of South Africa's automotive sector Automotive 2018: A review of South Africa's automotive sector Has PDF
Published: 09 Apr 18
South African new-vehicle sales totalled 557 586 units in 2017, reversing a three-year downward trend that started in 2014, when 643 744 units were sold, followed by declines to 617 648 units and 547 547 units in 2015 and 2016 respectively. While the 2017 aggregate sales figure was significantly below the all-time high of 714 314 units posted 11 years ago, the recovery in the global economy is a cause for some optimism for the country’s automotive industry. Creamer Media’s Automotive 2018 Report examines the current market conditions in South Africa’s automotive industry with respect to local demand, trade and investment, competitiveness and sector support, environmental considerations, and the outlook for the sector.
Energy Roundup – April 2018 Energy Roundup – April 2018 Has PDF
Published: 05 Apr 18
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa in the past month. The April 2018 roundup covers activities across South Africa in March 2018, and includes details of the National Planning Commission’s hosting of a roundtable discussion on its energy paper, which was released in February; State-owned power utility Eskom’s application to Parliament for a higher tariff increase; and the North Gauteng High Court’s ruling against the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and civic group Transform RSA’s urgent application to stop State-owned Eskom from signing contracts with private renewable-energy projects.
Electricity 2018: A review of South Africa's electricity sector Electricity 2018: A review of South Africa's electricity sector Has PDF
Published: 14 Mar 18
South Africa’s main electricity supplier State-owned power utility Eskom started 2018 teetering on the brink of financial disaster, placing the country’s entire economy at risk. The parastatal, which has been embroiled in a governance crisis and allegations of undue influence in awarding contracts, is struggling to remain solvent and maintain liquidity, despite having received a 400% price increase in the past ten years. Where Eskom as recently as 2015 could not produce enough electricity to meet the demands of the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, the country now has excess capacity and electricity demand has declined. Eskom has not seen any electricity consumption growth in more than a decade, while, at the same time, the national power utility has embarked on a large, coal-fired power station expansion programme for which it has had to borrow significant amounts. Creamer Media’s Electricity 2018 Report gives an overview of South Africa’s electricity sector, with a focus on Eskom’s capacity expansion projects, financial position, governance failures and corruption allegations. It also looks at the role of independent power producers, which have attracted significant foreign investment into South Africa. The report also examines energy storage, which is increasingly becoming a reality; energy efficiency and embedded generation; as well as other areas such as transmission and distribution and electrification.
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