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Image of copper nugget Eva copper project, Australia – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Copper Mountain Mining has engaged investment bank Macquarie Capital to evaluate strategic opportunities regarding the project.
Image of tin ore South Crofty tin project, UK – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
he completion of the £40-million financing in May, including an investment by Vision Blue Resources, has opened a new chapter for Cornish Metals.
Image of copper nugget Nifty copper project, Australia – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Cyprium Metals has entered into a letter of intent with commodities trader Glencore for a A$50-million offtake prepayment facility.
Location map of Kambalda nickel project Kambalda nickel restart project, Australia – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Mincor Resources has received first payment for its first parcel of nickel ore processed through BHP’s Kambalda nickel concentrator.
Image of lithium Falchani lithium project, Peru – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
American Lithium has validated sulphate of potash as a by-product of future lithium production at the Falchani project.
Image of Eneabba project refinery Eneabba rare earths refinery, Australia – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Iluka Resources has awarded a contract to perform engineering, procurement and construction management for the project.
Image of Zimbabwe flag/map Zulu lithium/tantalum project, Zimbabwe – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Premier African Minerals has entered into a marketing and prepayment agreement in the form of a binding heads of terms with clean technology developer Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Technology.
Image of mounds of rare earths Yangibana rare earths project, Australia – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Hastings Metals has struck a A$9-million deal with Cadence Minerals to acquire its 30% interest in the Yangibana joint venture tenements.
Image of mounds of rare earths Phalaborwa rare earths project, South Africa – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Rainbow Rare Earths has completed a process flowsheet to efficiently extract rare-earth elements from the phosphogypsum stacks at its Phalaborwa project.
Location map of Muga-Vipasca potash Muga potash project, Spain – update
Published: 01 Jul 22
Highfield Resources has received a licence to build the mine gate and two underground declines at its flagship Muga potash project.
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