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Bolting solutions include tensioning tools for mining applications
Published: 19 Jul 19
Industrial equipment supplier BMG’s Nord-Lock bolting solutions now include hydraulic equipment supplier Boltight hydraulic bolt tensioning tools, which are used to tighten bolts simultaneously, ensuring even preload in industrial applications and extreme environments, where bolt load accuracy is vital. Tensioners are used across a wide range of industries, including in crushers, sizers, conveyors and other similar heavy equipment used in mining applications.
Drill attachment provides opportunities in underground
Published: 19 Jul 19
Remote-controlled demolition machines manufacturer Brokk, in collaboration with construction equipment supplier TEI Rock Drills, has introduced the new MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill attachment, which can be used for drilling and blasting applications in mining operations. Using this drill attachment with equipment such as a Brokk 500 remote-controlled demolition machine, can optimise compact power and performance in underground mining applications, says Brokk sales and marketing VP Peter Bigwood.

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