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Skyriders deploys Elios SkyEye drone for major boiler inspection Has PDF
Published: 25 Jun 19
Skyriders Access Specialists (Pty) Ltd. set a new record when it deployed its Elios SkyEye confined-space drone for the first time in the massive internal space of the back-pass ducting at a major coal-fired power station in Limpopo. The back-pass ducting conveys the hot exhaust gases and fly ash to the precip hoppers, and ultimately to the smokestack. This huge space measures 6 m by 6 m, and is about 35 m high, which means that installing the necessary scaffolding in order to gain access for any inspection purposes is extremely costly compared to the end result, which may even be that no repair is necessary.
TCTA moves ahead with R12.3bn second phase of Mokolo-Crocodile water scheme
Published: 19 Jun 19
Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA) announced on Wednesday that it had commenced with the implementation of the Mokolo-Crocodile Water Augmentation Project Phase 2A (MCWAP-2A) project, which is strongly associated with minerals and energy projects in the Limpopo province and is, thus, facing opposition from environmental justice groups. The estimated capital cost of the MCWAP-2A project is R12.3-billion, in April 2018 prices, and the scheme is scheduled for completion in May 2026.
Coal caps, carbon curbs, fossil fuel funding limits are correct moves in a world beset by growing climate risk
Published: 14 Jun 19
Earlier this year, Glencore became the first coal-supplying company to cap its coal production. It did so following engagement with the investor signatories of the Climate Action 100+ initiative. As the largest supplier of seaborne coal, it undertook not to produce more than 150-million tonnes of coal a year.
Opinion: How should SA approach the procurement of least-cost power?
Published: 31 May 19
In the previous Transition Talk column (Engineering News May 17-23, 2019), I explored what it would take to depoliticize the process of drafting a rational Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for South Africa. Such a plan will outline what investments need to be made in the electricity sector. The next step, which is the topic of this Transition Talk, is to procure the generation assets required in the plan in an efficient manner. In regulatory terms, where prudency and efficiency are the two key objectives, the IRP stands for prudency (doing the right things), while the implementation of the IRP represents efficiency (doing things right).
Skyriders Elios SkyEye drone powers up emergency tube-leak inspection Has PDF
Published: 24 May 19
When a major coal-fired power station in Limpopo experienced a tube leak in a boiler that subsequently resulted in a burst pipe, Skyriders Access Specialists (Pty) Ltd. was called upon to deploy its Elios SkyEye drone technology for an emergency inspection. This is the first time that the confined-space inspection technology has been deployed in such an application, Marketing Manger Mike Zinn reports. “The client required an urgent visual inspection, in addition to determining the possible collateral damage associated with the area.”
Kibo presents power station DFS to Mozambique govt
Published: 09 May 19
Johannesburg- and London-listed Kibo Energy’s Benga power plant project, in Mozambique, is advancing “well ahead” of its development schedule, CEO Louis Coetzee said on Thursday, reporting that the definitive feasibility study for the coal-fired power station had been presented to the Energy Ministry and power utility Electricidade de Moçambique.
Tilting at windmills
Published: 03 May 19
In Don Quixote, the book by Cervantes (you know, Don Key Oatie – the one where he is a knight who has a horse called Rocinante, pronounced Ros-sin-antey, and a servant, Sancho, and there a donkey called Dapple and Donnie is a bit off his head, you know) there is a quotation which is: "The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water.” So, thus educated, let us turn to the matter of an article by Andrew Kenny. The article is titled 'Renewable energy is a disaster and will collapse SA’s electricity supply system'. It is hard hitting. Kenny states: "Week by week, the greens tell us the price of renewable energy is coming down but all around the world the cost of renewable energy is going up.
Kusile power plant project, South Africa Kusile power plant project, South Africa
Published: 18 Apr 19
Kusile Unit 3 produced first power on April 14.
Kibo provides update on four key projects
Published: 25 Mar 19
JSE- and Aim-listed Kibo Energy on Monday confirmed that it is developing four key projects – two thermal coal power projects, in Botswana and Mozambique; a UK-focused flexible energy portfolio; and an advanced coal-to-power project, in Tanzania – in parallel. The projects fall in line with the company’s strategy to progress a diverse portfolio of advanced power generation and mining projects in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK through international relationships with key development partners.
Kibo progresses Benga power plant development
Published: 22 Mar 19
Kibo Energy has noted progress with the development of its Benga power plant project, in Mozambique. A definitive feasibility study (DFS) has been completed ahead of schedule and the final review is in progress.

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