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La Encantada mine, Mexico La Encantada mine, Mexico
Published: 27 Jun 14
A silver mine, located in northern Mexico, 708 km north-east of Torreon, Coahuila.
Tabakoto mine Tabakoto mine
Published: 20 Jun 14
A gold mine located in western Mali, about 360 km west of the capital, Bamako.
Cortez mine, US Cortez mine, US
Published: 13 Jun 14
A gold mine, located 100 km south-west of Elko, in Lander County, in the US state of Nevada.
Porgera mine Porgera mine
Published: 06 Jun 14
A gold mine, located in the Enga province of the western highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Driefontein mine Driefontein mine
Published: 30 May 14
A gold mine, located about 80 km west of Johannesburg, near the town of Carletonville, in Gauteng, South Africa.
Tasiast mine, Mauritania Tasiast mine, Mauritania
Published: 16 May 14
A gold mine, located in north-western Mauritania, about 300 km north of the, capital Nouakchott.
Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Australia Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Australia
Published: 09 May 14
A gold mine, located adjacent to the town of Kalgoorlie, about 550 km east of Perth, Western Australia.
Cowal mine Cowal mine
Published: 02 May 14
A gold mine, located about 38 km north-east of West Wyalong, in New South Wales, Australia.
Lagunas Norte mine Lagunas Norte mine
Published: 25 Apr 14
A gold mine, located on the Alto Chicama property, in north-central Peru.
Veladero mine, Argentina Veladero mine, Argentina
Published: 18 Apr 14
A gold mine, located in the San Juan province of Argentina, immediately to the south of the Pascua-Lama property, in the highly prospective Frontera district.
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