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WeWork opens second South African location in Cape Town
Published: 24 Jun 19
Global space, community and services company WeWork has established an office in Cape Town, the second city in South Africa where it is launching a presence. WeWork will take up four floors in the city’s eleven-floor 80 Strand street property, which is co-owned by Emira Property Fund and Swish Property Group.
More African capitals realise need for resilient, sustainable infrastructure More African capitals realise need for resilient, sustainable infrastructure
Published: 24 Jun 19
City of Tshwane executive mayor Stevens Mokgalapa says 71% of South Africa’s population will live in urban areas by 2030. This will increase further to 80% by 2050. Africa as a continent, meanwhile, is expected to reach 50% urbanisation by 2030, the mayor said, citing data from the World Research Institute.
Kibo mulls renewables cogeneration opportunities
Published: 24 Jun 19
In line with its strategy of incorporating long-term renewable energy solutions into its existing coal power projects, Africa-focused Kibo Energy has signed a collaboration agreement with ESS Tech to develop suitable baseload electricity storage solutions. Having recognised the increasing need to generate reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and efficient electricity, the parties will actively develop energy storage solutions, which will initially focus on Kibo’s Mbeya coal-to-power project (MCPP), in Tanzania; its Mabesekwa coal independent power project, in Botswana; and its Benga power plant project, in Mozambique, with the possibility of expanding this collaboration into new opportunities in the future.
Astral Foods secures emergency water arrangement for Mpumalanga facility
Published: 24 Jun 19
Poultry producer Astral Foods has recently, with the assistance of a number of national government departments, secured an emergency arrangement with the Lekwa municipality as an interim measure to stave off the water crisis affecting its Goldi poultry processing facility in Standerton, Mpumalanga. The arrangement follows on the back of the deterioration of the municipal infrastructure of the Lekwa municipality, which led to water supply interruptions at the poultry processing plant, costing the company R85-million until the end of June.
 South Africa, China sign deal to partner in Square Kilometer Array South Africa, China sign deal to partner in Square Kilometer Array
Published: 24 Jun 19
International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor, who is leading a South African delegation of senior government officials to the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation Coordinators’ Meeting, on Monday signed a deal which paves the way for Beijing entities to partner in South Africa's astronomy ventures, including the Square Kilometer Array. The FOCAC Coordinators’ Meeting is taking place on Monday and Tuesday.
Steel production up 5.4% y/y in May
Published: 24 Jun 19
Global crude steel production increased by 5.4% year-on-year to 162.7-million tonnes in May, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) reported on Monday. Its data shows that China's crude steel output had increased by 10% year-on-year to 89.1-million tonnes in May, while India's output had increased by 5.1% year-on-year to 9.2-milliion tonnes.
Eskom's gain South Africa's pain as investors balk at debt Eskom's gain South Africa's pain as investors balk at debt
Published: 24 Jun 19
President Cyril Ramaphosa’s latest pledge to support Eskom Holdings is good news for the cash-strapped electricity company -- but some investors are balking at the prospect of increased sovereign-bond issuance to pay for the bailout. Ramaphosa told lawmakers last week South Africa would bring forward part of the R230-billion rearmarked for Eskom over the next ten years. The Treasury hasn’t budgeted for additional support over and above the R23-billion allocated in February for this and each of the next two years.
Sisulu calls on municipalities to prioritise water, sanitation infrastructure maintenance
Published: 24 Jun 19
Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu on Sunday called on all municipalities to prioritise maintenance of water and sanitation infrastructure to prevent pollution of dams and rivers. In a statement issued after a briefing by water and sanitation department acting director general Squire Mahlangu on the water shortage in Mahikeng in the North West, Sisulu said she had directed Mahlangu to submit a national report on the state of water and sanitation infrastructure and the maintenance programme by municipalities.
Air Tanzania to reintroduce flights to South Africa
Published: 24 Jun 19
Air Tanzania is to resume flights to South Africa on Friday in a bid to attract South African tourists and business travellers. The revived passenger schedule will connect four major airports in Tanzania with OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg with four direct flights per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, Tanzania’s Citizen TV reported.
Rolls-Royce reports strong progress in its civil aerospace 'IntelligentEngine' initiative Rolls-Royce reports strong progress in its civil aerospace 'IntelligentEngine' initiative
Published: 24 Jun 19
UK-based global major power plant manufacturer Rolls-Royce has reported that its “IntelligentEngine” philosophy (also referred to as a vision) is making strong progress throughout its Civil Aerospace products and services “portfolio”, powerfully driven by the capabilities of digital technology. It affirmed that this was creating new opportunities for the company to supply its customers with increasingly connected, “more intelligent” engines and electrical systems. “We launched our IntelligentEngine vision last year at [the] Singapore Airshow, and it is concept that is moving forward at pace right through our business,” said Rolls-Royce president Chris Cholerton. “We are bringing the power of digital to shape everything we do in design, test, production and services. Developments like these are ensuring that we make the IntelligentEngine deliver further benefits for customers.”
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