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NUM shocked at decision to place Ubank under curatorship
Published: 17 May 22
Trade union the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) says it is “shocked and surprised” by Reserve Bank governor Lesetja Kganyago’s decision to place Ubank under curatorship. The union says this happened despite the Ubank’s board having committed on the night of May 16 that it would raise the required R800-million to save the bank from being placed under curatorship.
My Smart City adds leisure, services and insights functions
Published: 17 May 22
Citizen public service platform My Smart City has launched the In the City feature, which provides local leisure offerings, performance insights and value-added services for city residents to connect to a city and to boost citizen activity, positively affecting the economy, says software development company Acumen Software CEO Joao Zoio. The In the City feature follows the introduction of a social feed to the platform, which shares information like load-shedding schedules and alerts from other community members.
Forum established to support informal economy
Published: 17 May 22
The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is a new body that has been set up to drive growth within the sector, support informal economy workers and function as the conduit between government, corporate South Africa and the informal economy. The IEDF’s key objectives are to improve the business, labour and regulatory environment in which informal businesses operate, ensuring equitable access to skills development and training, finance and the removal and simplification of regulatory requirements that prohibit growth to benefit South Africa’s 5.2-million informal workers.
MIC Khulisani Ventures concludes first allocation with tech companies
Published: 17 May 22
The Mineworkers Investment Company’s (MIC’s) Khulisani Ventures has concluded its first allocation of R43.5-million to technology companies Kelo and Rentoza. In July 2021, MIC launched MIC Khulisani Ventures, a R150-million early-stage investment vehicle targeting black-owned innovative, high-growth businesses in South Africa.
IFC partners with Rameda to ‘green’ its pharmaceutical business in Egypt
Published: 17 May 22
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is partnering with Egypt-based pharmaceutical producer Rameda, to support the company’s strategy to “green” its operations and improve its production efficiencies to boost the company’s productivity. Through the partnership, the IFC will help Rameda – which produces a range of pharmaceuticals, supplements and other products at its three facilities in Cairo – adopt solutions that reduce its carbon and water footprints and improve efficiencies in materials and resource consumption.
Electricity pylons Stage 3 load-shedding planned for Tuesday night, for now
Published: 17 May 22
South Africa is still currently on track for Stage 3 load-shedding between 17:00 and 22:00 on Tuesday as a lack of capacity has left the country with evening power cuts for the rest of the week. Eskom had initially said there would Stage 3 load-shedding on Monday night as well, but had to escalate to Stage 4 after a unit tripped at Kusile power station, taking 720MW of generating capacity with it.
The Koeberg nuclear power station Developing countries have opportunity to call for greater access to nuclear energy, technology
Published: 17 May 22
States that do not have nuclear weapons, which include most developing countries, have an opportunity to demand greater access to nuclear sciences and technologies for peaceful purposes, including for energy, industry and medicine, at the tenth review conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), scheduled for August, Ambassador of Norway to Southern Africa Stian Nordengen Christensen has pointed out. Non-nuclear weapon armed States, and African States in particular, aim to focus on peaceful uses of nuclear energy at the upcoming review conference and they have the full support of Norway, he said during a discussion hosted by the South African Institute of International Affairs on May 13.
Elephant trade curbs spur African nations to seek common stance
Published: 17 May 22
African nations from Senegal to Botswana will seek to formulate a continent-wide position on the trade in live elephants and ivory, an attempt to counter restrictions imposed by the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES. Opposition from Western conservationists to population control has seen their numbers explode in some areas, resulting in environmental damage and attacks on farmers, according to some African governments. The issue will be discussed at a meeting of environment and tourism ministers from 14 countries in Zimbabwe from May 23 to 26. Japan and China, two key markets for elephant products, will also be represented by their ambassadors to Zimbabwe.
Steel industry carbon emissions to drop nearly a third by 2050 – WoodMac
Published: 17 May 22
Carbon dioxide emissions from the world's steel sector will fall 30% by 2050 compared with last year as more mills turns to less-polluting electric arc furnaces (EAF), consultancy Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) said in a study on Tuesday. Around 48% of global crude steel will be made via EAF by 2050, according to WoodMac, increasing from 30% in 2021 and almost on a par with traditional blast furnace steelmaking.
IPP Office head Bernard Magoro IPP Office head says stakeholder alignment key to regular, investment-promoting procurement rhythm
Published: 17 May 22
The head of South Africa’s Independent Power Producer (IPP) Office believes that improved stakeholder management and alignment are key to overcoming delays to the introduction of urgently required new electricity capacity and to creating the predictable “procurement rhythm” required to attract electricity and manufacturing investment. In a wide-ranging interview Bernard Magoro tells Engineering News that all stakeholders, including multiple government departments, the regulator, Eskom and the bidders, need to “come to the party” to overcome the current impediments to projects achieving financial close.
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