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Telecommunications 2020/21 Telecommunications 2020/21 Has PDF
Published: 21 Jan 21
South Africa’s telecommunications landscape has undergone significant transformation over the past decade, with a shift from offering telecommunications services to a myriad of digital services that are highly dependent on data, across some of the most advanced infrastructure in Africa. Mobile subscriptions and Internet penetration continue to increase year-on-year and data consumption continues to grow. Further, commercial fifth-generation service deployments are under way and fibre networks and data centre markets are expanding rapidly to meet the growing user base. Creamer Media’s Telecommunication 2020/21 report reviews South Africa’s telecommunications market in this context focusing on the country’s major telecommunications companies, industry trends and challenges, international connectivity and policy and regulatory developments.
Hydrogen 2020/21 Hydrogen 2020/21 Has PDF
Published: 20 Jan 21
The need to drive the world's carbon emissions down has prompted widespread interest in the development of green hydrogen, with the number of policies and projects increasing rapidly worldwide. The aim is helping countries and regions to not only meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement but also recover and rebuild, following the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Creamer Media’s Hydrogen 2020/21 report delves into the global hydrogen sector, focusing on developments in South Africa and Africa, as well as the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The emphasis of this report is primarily the potential of this sector to be a source of clean energy that will help decarbonise world economies and assist in achieving global climate change mitigation goals.
Energy Roundup – December 2020 Energy Roundup – December 2020 Has PDF
Published: 07 Dec 20
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The December 2020 roundup covers activities in November 2020, and includes details of a report by Climate Transparency, which warns against quick-fix Covid-19 stimulus packages that favour fossil fuel industries; six steps that could be taken immediately by the South African government and the energy regulator to unlock more self-generation investment to combat power shortages and reduce the threat of load-shedding; and South Africa’s Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries’ order that State-owned power utility Eskom comply with pollution limits at three of its coal-fired power plants.
Gold 2020: A review of South Africa's gold sector Gold 2020: A review of South Africa's gold sector Has PDF
Published: 02 Dec 20
Record-high gold prices, following the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, have left miners with plenty of cash, but they seem hesitant to immediately invest that cash in expanding output for fear of repeating mistakes made during a previous boom, when some investments failed to meet expectations. However, there is also a growing realisation in the industry that investment in growing reserves has been lacking and that new deposits urgently need to be discovered to ensure the future supply of gold. Creamer Media’s Gold 2020 report reviews the global and South African gold markets in this context. Globally, the focus is on supply and demand, and gold’s remarkable performance over the past few months. In South Africa, the focus of the report turns to rising costs and energy constraints in the sector, as well as labour challenges, the settlement of an historical class action lawsuit against the country’s major gold miners, and growing criminal activity in the sector. It also reviews the major and smaller mining companies with operations in South Africa.
Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2020 (Second Edition) Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2020 (Second Edition) Has PDF
Published: 24 Nov 20
The second edition of Creamer Media’s ‘Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2020’ report covers almost 40 African mining projects across Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa, all offering very compelling mining propositions, with several excellent prospects in the pipeline.
Platinum 2020: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Platinum 2020: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Has PDF
Published: 10 Nov 20
Owing to Covid-19-associated impacts, the World Platinum Investment Council forecasts that platinum supply in 2020 will be 14% lower year-on-year, at 7.10-million ounces, reflecting a 15% decline in refined production and a 12% decline in recycling supply on 2019 figures. The council expects demand to be 11% lower than the 2019 figure, at 7.43-million ounces, resulting in a deficit of 336 000 oz. Creamer Media’s Platinum 2020 Report considers these figures in light of the challenges that South Africa’s platinum group metals sector has been facing over the past few years, including unreliable electricity supply, coupled with steep and unpredictable tariff increases, as well as steep increases in the costs of other inputs such as labour and other essentials. The report also provides an overview of the global platinum sector.
Energy Roundup – November 2020 Energy Roundup – November 2020 Has PDF
Published: 05 Nov 20
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The November 2020 roundup covers activities in October 2020, and includes details of the gazetting of amendments to the electricity regulations for new electricity generation capacity; energy expert Clyde Mallinson’s call for government to urgently overhaul its Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme; and Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe’s approval to process licence applications for self-generation facilities of above 1 MW.
Global Mining Projects in Progress 2020 Global Mining Projects in Progress 2020 Has PDF
Published: 04 Nov 20
The global mining industry has not escaped the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and is facing a new reality, with measures to curb the spread of the virus impacting on economies, mining operations and their supply chains, manufacturing industries, the general public and, consequently, the demand for minerals and metals. Only time will tell if the economic impacts of the global lockdown on the mining sector are worse than the pandemic itself.
Projects in Progress 2020 (Second Edition) Projects in Progress 2020 (Second Edition)
Published: 02 Nov 20
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic kicked lumps out of the South African economy, the country was on the back foot when it came to fixed investment projects and its pipeline of new investments. Public-sector spending was waning, despite huge backlogs and community protests over the lack of services, while the private sector lacked the policy certainty and confidence needed to proceed with major projects. Now that the virus has further undermined the financial capacity of government and its poorly managed State-owned entities to stimulate the economy through large-scale infrastructure programmes, any infrastructure-led recovery will require new delivery, funding and business models. Only through extreme transparency will South Africa attract investors motivated by fair returns over the project life cycle, rather than predatory opportunists and rent seekers. Another critical component lies in having a ready-made pipeline of projects that are immediately bankable, rather than merely aspirational. That pipeline must include not only projects directed at meeting the country’s most pressing infrastructure needs but those that can also be immediately funded through sustainable fiscal transfers, user-pay tariffs or a combination of the two. South Africa, therefore, needs to adopt a far more innovative and collaborative approach to the conceptualisation, financing, implementation, operations and maintenance of public infrastructure if it is to have any hope of truly using such investments to stimulate a recovery from the economic devastation wrought by Covid-19. These difficulties are partially reflected in the second edition of the Projects in Progress supplement.
Energy Roundup – October 2020 Energy Roundup – October 2020 Has PDF
Published: 06 Oct 20
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The October 2020 roundup covers activities in September 2020, and includes details of State-owned power utility Eskom’s issue of a no-obligation request for information to gain insight into what flue gas desulphurisation technologies are available for use at one of its new coal-fired power stations; the official start of work on the South African Renewable Energy Masterplan; and the launch of Phase 2 of the Karoo Deep Drilling and Geo-environmental Base Programme, in Beaufort West, in the Western Cape.
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