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Image of Ford Motor Company Southern Africa's new body shop Ford Motor Company investment project, South Africa – update
Published: 05 Aug 22
Mass production of the Ford Ranger pickup for the local and export markets is scheduled to start in October 2022.
Image of Chile map/flag Codelco mines desalination plant, Chile – update
Published: 05 Aug 22
Codelco has reported that it will begin construction on the long-delayed desalination plant this year.
Image of South Africa map/flag Fairview gasfield expansion, Australia
Published: 05 Aug 22
Oil and gas major Santos plans to drill and connect more than 130 new production wells in the Fairview gasfield.
Image of the Koeberg power station Koeberg nuclear power station steam-generator replacement project, South Africa – update
Published: 05 Aug 22
State-owned power utility Eskom has submitted the safety case in support of its application to extend the operational life of the Koeberg nuclear power station beyond the current licence term.
Image of solar energy panels Zimplats solar project, Zimbabwe – update
Published: 05 Aug 22
Phase 1 of the project has started.
Image of solar energy panels Awandjelo solar photovoltaic power plant, Togo
Published: 05 Aug 22
The West African Development Bank has approved a loan for the development of the project.
Image of man looking at wind turbines Rodicio Wind Farm, Spain
Published: 05 Aug 22
Greenalia is building a 50 MW wind farm in the municipalities of Maceda and Montederramo, in Spain.
Image of Australia map/flag Abra base metals project, Australia – update
Published: 29 Jul 22
Base metals developer Galena Mining has raised A$17-million in a share placement that will be used to provide Abra Mining with a temporary unsecured reserve facility.
Image of periodic table symbol for nickel Canadian nickel sulphate project, Canada
Published: 29 Jul 22
The proposed nickel sulphate operation will be the first-of-its-kind, fully domestic nickel sulphate facility for the North American market.
Image of mounds of rare earths Saltend Chemicals Park rare earth oxide separation facility, UK – update
Published: 29 Jul 22
Pensana has broken ground at its Saltend rare earth processing hub.
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