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EPC regulations to support energy efficiency businesses, says Alliance Energy
Published: 27 Sep 21
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations gazetted by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) in December 2020 present opportunities for individuals and businesses in the energy sector, including young professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates in the engineering disciplines with the mindset to be a part of the energy efficiency solution, says Alliance Energy MD Vash Singh. Under the EPC regulations, buildings in South Africa need to have their energy performance assessed by an accredited party, which will issue an EPC that rates the building in terms of energy efficiency.
ESG strategies can build trust, drive sustainable value
Published: 27 Sep 21
Organisations can help to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes by implementing effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies and stakeholders tend to place more trust in organisations that demonstrate a sustained interest in communities, the environment and good governance, says assurance, advisory and tax services multinational PwC Africa ESG Africa leader Jayne Mammatt. "Increasingly, stakeholders of all kinds hold organisations accountable for delivering sustainable value. They expect organisations to do more than simply ‘tick a box’," she adds.
Cape Town container, multipurpose terminals introduce truck booking system 
Published: 27 Sep 21
Introducing a mandatory truck booking system at South Africa’s port terminal operations has yielded benefits that the Cape Town Container Terminal (CTCT) and Cape Town Multipurpose Terminal (CTMPT) will soon enjoy, Transnet Port Terminals says in a statement. “There are many challenges introduced when trucks all call the terminal at the same time unannounced, hence our roll out of the mandatory truck booking system, which we are pleading with industry to fully exploit,” says Cape Terminals managing executive Wandisa Vazi.
GoviEx reports positive drilling results from Mutanga
Published: 27 Sep 21
Dual-listed GoviEx Uranium has completed the initial infill drilling campaign at the Dibwe East deposit at its wholly owned, mine permitted Mutanga uranium project, in Zambia. Mutanga comprises three mining permits that cover about 720 km2 and contains five deposits – Dibwe, Dibwe East, Mutanga, Gwabe and Njame.
Africa needs $2tr for green manufacturing, McKinsey says
Published: 27 Sep 21
Africa’s lack of industrial development puts it in a strong position to develop low-carbon manufacturing without the costs of transitioning from fossil fuel-based factories, McKinsey & Co. said. In the process of striving toward net-zero emissions by 2050, the continent could create a net 3.8-million jobs, McKinsey said in its Africa’s Green Manufacturing Crossroads report, which was partially funded by the UK government and released Monday. However, to hit that level would require investment of $2-trillion in manufacturing and power.
Research body highlights surge in food inflation last month
Published: 27 Sep 21
Last month saw higher food inflation than expected, the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) has reported. South African food inflation came to 6.9% in August (in year-on-year terms), continuing a rising trend that started in February. Last month’s food inflation was 0.2% higher than that for July. And food inflation contributed 1.2 percentage points to August consumer price index headline inflation. The figure of 6.9% was the highest recorded since 2017. The price of the BFAP ...
MMG to halt Peru operations this week as community protests hit transport
Published: 27 Sep 21
Australia-based miner MMG said on Monday it would stop operations at its copper mine at Las Bambas in Peru this week, as community protests in a nearby province has upended transport. The announcement comes days after a bus in the Peruvian Andes transporting contract workers at the copper mine plunged off a cliff, killing 16 people and injuring two.
A sign on the door of a Nersa public hearing Immediate introduction of new tariff methodology ‘not feasible’ Has PDF
Published: 27 Sep 21
State-owned electricity utility Eskom says it is “not feasible” for the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) to make a revenue determination, for implementation on April 1 2022, on the basis of a new methodology that has yet to be consulted or finalised. On September 24, Nersa published a consultation paper on a possible new price determination methodology in which it states that the “current revenue-based methodology has fallen short in providing stable prices”.
Hudbay announces agreements with unions in Manitoba Hudbay announces agreements with unions in Manitoba
Published: 27 Sep 21
Diversified miner Hudbay has completed the collective bargaining process with all six of the company’s unions in Manitoba. The group announced on Monday that members of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 7106 and USW Local 9338 had ratified new three-and-a-half-year collective agreements.
A photo of the integrated automation and power system being installed at the Salares Norte mine in Chile ABB secures integrated automation, power system order for Gold Fields' Salares Norte mine
Published: 27 Sep 21
Industrial technologies multinational ABB will provide six electrical rooms and an integrated digital system solution based on the ABB Ability 800xA distributed control system (DCS) to  gold miner Gold Fields’ Salares Norte operation, in a remote region of northern Chile. The digital solution helps to overcome remote location and climatic instability challenges at the $834-million Salares Norte mining project in the Atacama desert.
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