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Qld Premier ‘sick’ of Adani delays
Published: 22 May 19
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has instructed the Coordinator-General to set a timetable for the resolution of two outstanding approvals for Indian major Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine, saying she was “sick” of the delays. “The community is sick of it, I’m sick of it, everyone is sick of the delays. Everyone has had more than enough time to resolve these issues and for some reason that has not occurred. That all ends now.”
BHP keen on more copper, nickel sulphide and oil BHP keen on more copper, nickel sulphide and oil
Published: 22 May 19
Mining major BHP on Wednesday laid out its near-term plans for investors, saying that the company would look to add “options” in copper, nickel sulphides and oil. Speaking to investors, CFO Peter Beaven that BHP analysed a number of scenarios to ensure that the company’s portfolio was resilient and to assess how well placed BHP is to act on opportunities, while also revealing gaps.
Fortescue approves $287m Queens Valley development Fortescue approves $287m Queens Valley development
Published: 22 May 19
Iron-ore miner Fortescue Metals has approved a $287-million spend on the Queens Valley mine area, at its Solomon Hub in the Pilbara. The development of Queens would maintain the production of the low alumina Kings Fines product, and was consistent with the company’s strategy of optimising margin through an enhanced product mix, the company said on Wednesday.
 April consumer price inflation stays in target range April consumer price inflation stays in target range
Published: 22 May 19
Annual headline consumer price inflation for April has moderated to 4.4% Stats SA announced on Wednesday morning, a figure in line with the expectations of economists.  This is within the target range of between 3% and 6% set by the SA Reserve Bank, and slightly down from CPI of 4.5% in March. On month-on-month basis, inflation increased 0.6%.
Tethyan to redomicile from UK to Canada
Published: 22 May 19
Serbia-focused Tethyan Resources has announced that it will redomicile the company from England and Wales to British Columbia, Canada, to avoid the UK stamp duty tax. The UK stamp duty tax – a tax of 0.5% payable to HM Revenue and Customs Stamp Office – is unfamiliar to many investors that purchase shares of UK-domiciled public companies that are listed on the TSX-V and a result creates an unexpected transaction cost.
Court date set for Cape Metro's bid to buy power directly from IPPs
Published: 22 May 19
The City of Cape Town on Tuesday welcomed the high court in Pretoria setting a date for its petition to buy electricity directly from independent power producers (IPPs). The City wants the Energy Minister and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) to allow it to purchase power from IPPs. Under the current regime, the national power utility Eskom buys power from IPPs which is then sold on.
Minerals Council, fuel cell cost, Zim beneficiation make headlines Minerals Council, fuel cell cost, Zim beneficiation make headlines Has Video
Published: 22 May 19
This week, the Minerals Council South Africa reflects on the promise of the future, a new material may bring down the fuel cell cost curve, and a smelter in Zimbabwe heeds the local beneficiation call. Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer unpacks the headlines.  
Transnet, CMI Emtateni terminate controversial R4.2bn Durban port expansion contract
Published: 22 May 19
State-owned freight and rail company, Transnet said on Tuesday that its contractor, CMI Emtateni Joint Venture, has terminated its R4.2-billion contract for a megaproject to create deeper berths at the Durban Container Terminal (DCT). This comes after Transnet in November last year stopped all the works in the project and launched a probe into the contract after receiving an unsolicited report from private investigator Paul O'Sullivan's Forensics for Justice, with allegations of procurement irregularities on the project. 
Comair CEO Erik Venter resigns unexpectedly to pursue own interests
Published: 22 May 19
JSE-listed Comair Limited announced late on Tuesday that Erik Venter has resigned as chief executive of the company to pursue his own interests, after 23 years with the airline. Venter, who was Comair chief executive for 13 years, will leave at the end of July 2019. Comair said the board has not yet decided on a new appointment.
Fire and fury from the bench as Thales tries to create distance between itself and Zuma
Published: 22 May 19
Arms company Thales has tried to distance itself from former President Jacob Zuma, as both parties seek a permanent stay of prosecution on charges relating to the now-infamous Arms Deal. But this angle from Thales' lawyers on Tuesday sparked a volley of questions from a full bench in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg.
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