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Real Economy Yearbook 2022

Time to build momentum
The world and South Africa seem to be lurching from one crisis to the next. This time last year, governments and businesses globally and locally were preoccupied with finding ways of recovering from the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the associated lockdowns, which had seriously disrupted production, supply chains and economic activity. While the virus remains a threat and more lockdowns have been implemented in China this year, countries are finding ways of living with the virus, the potency of which has also, thankfully, weakened as new variants have emerged and communities gained natural and vaccine-induced resilience. It is urgent, however, that further momentum is built – and fast – so that these green shoots do not get trampled on before bearing fruit. Creamer Media considers these events and the ramifications thereof in its Real Economy Yearbook 2022, in the hope that South Africa's stalled public infrastructure roll-out will provide visible evidence of progress in the months to come but also lay the foundation for future growth and job creation.

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