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Refining your search

How to make use of the search tools implemented to assist with refined searches

To ensure that the most relevant content is displayed, users can refine their searches – either at the time of the initial search or after a basic search was conducted.

At the time of the initial search

  • Enter the search phrase into the search field
    • Refine the search by selecting the type of content of interest. Refer to the radio buttons directly underneath the search field, or by clicking “more”.
    • The user can choose to receive all results or any one of the following:
      • Reports
      • News
      • Projects
      • Profiles


  • Furthermore, the user can refine the search as follows:
    • Search within article headings; or
    • Search within the headings and first paragraph only

Users can also make use of the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

Search within results

Users can search within the results of an earlier search by clicking the ‘Search within results’ button, followed by entering the additional search term or phrase. Note that users will only be able to ‘search within results’ once within a specific search, thereafter a new search will have to be undertaken.



The Research Channel Africa has built-in categories to group related content into sections. By making use of filters, visible in the left-hand sidebar, users will refine their results to display content that have been tagged in the Research Channel Africa to appear in these sections.

Refer to the Filtering section of the ‘How to’ guide.

Clearing filters

Users can remove chosen filters from existing searches by clicking on the ‘x’ in the filter box. All filters can be cleared by clicking on the ‘Clear all filters’ button on the left-hand side of all filters.



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