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Accessing News

Research Channel Africa ensures that subscribers are presented with the latest news developments. Guidelines on how to access the latest news while browsing the site.

Click on the News Articles link from the Research Channel Africa Home Page

At any time users can click on the “Everything” button and this will take them to a default list page where:
The user can browse all news articles by clicking on the “Articles” button directly under the search bar; or

Refine the search for News by typing keywords into the search bar or making use of preselected criteria listed in the sidebar on the left-hand side of all pages. The latest news, related to the user’s search criteria will be displayed. If no search term &/or refined criteria were stipulated, the latest news will be displayed.

News articles may be viewed electronically or printer-friendly versions of the articles may be printed.

Users of the Research Channel Africa will be able to share news articles through a number of social sharing platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Those wishing to access news articles from these platforms will be required to log to view the shared content.



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