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Mantashe calls for more security at mines following Gloria coal mine incident
Published: 15 Feb 19
Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe on Friday said the priority remains to restore ventilation at the Gloria mine, in Mpumalanga, and to reduce flammable gases underground so that the search and recovery process can continue with the necessary speed. He also called for security at mines to be enhanced in order to effectively address illegal mining.
Natural Gas: Fuelling the Future Has PDF
Published: 15 Feb 19
Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fuel source that is formed deep beneath the earth's surface, it contains many different compounds, primarily methane. Although considered a simplistic fuel source, it provides consistent and dependable energy. When effectively burnt, Natural Gas is highly combustible and generates a tremendous amount of energy. Contrary to other fossil fuels, Natural Gas burns cleanly and emits remarkably low levels of potentially harmful waste and by-products into the air. The demand for a fuel that can get the job done without damaging the environment has always been there, this demand continues to grow.
Reatile acquires 37.54% stake in Pragma Holdings
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Reatile Group, an investment holding company, has acquired a 37.54% stake in Pragma, one of SA’s leading enterprise asset and facilities management companies. This move enhances Pragma’s potential international growth, while accelerating the organisation’s transformation agenda. “I’ve been involved with Pragma for a while, and I’ve known Reatile for much longer. I believe it’s a great move forward for both companies. I think what’s important is that it’s a very sound business decision based on normal business principles and creates a good platform for growth for both Pragma and Reatile. It will increase the business footprint in the energy sector in South Africa, but beyond that, this deal also accelerates Pragma’s South African transformation agenda and enhances the potential for international growth,” says Marjo Louw, Pragma Chairman.
NT moves to clarify offshore oil, gas industry’s nuclear waste obligations
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Northern Territory has passed the Nuclear Waste Transport Storage and Disposal (Prohibition) Amendment Bill, providing the offshore oil and gas industry with a blueprint of their obligations around the management of nuclear waste. The nuclear waste covered by the Bill included naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs) that could be incidentally generated from offshore oil and gas activities and subsequently brought into the Northern Territory, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Eva Lawler said.
The world still doesn’t have enough places to plug in cars
Published: 15 Feb 19
Even in the biggest electric vehicle markets, a driver venturing too far from home can have a hard time finding a place to recharge. Try your luck on California’s Pacific Coast Highway. The roughly 600-mile route between San Diego and San Francisco has dramatic sea cliffs, off-the-grid retreats, lush vineyards – and, in some long stretches, few places to recharge for anyone who isn’t behind the wheel of a Tesla Inc. car.
Mantashe to visit Glory coal mine where 22 men are still trapped underground
Published: 15 Feb 19
Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe is expected to pay a visit to the Gloria coal mine near Middelburg, Mpumalanga, where 22 alleged copper thieves have been trapped and are believed dead following an explosion at the beginning of February. A group of 42 men, reportedly Lesotho nationals, gained access to shafts at the Gloria coal mine near Middelburg in Mpumalanga on February 1, allegedly to steal copper cables.News24 reported that following a gas explosion, 20 members of the group ...
Equatorial Guinea praised for improved business environment
Published: 15 Feb 19
Continental industry association the African Energy Chamber welcomes the improvement of Equatorial Guinea’s business environment through the establishment of an all inclusive model for setting up businesses in the country. “The implementation of Equatorial Guinea’s one-stop shop allows companies to set up a business in the country in only one week, putting the country at par with global standards,” says African Energy Chamber executive chairperson NJ Ayuk, who adds that, “for the African Energy Chamber and the oil industry, it is important to encourage men and women who find opportunities, have ideas of innovative services and unavailable products, those who have the courage to deploy capital, accept risk, and make it happen”.
Event set to dissect the future of African energy
Published: 15 Feb 19
The eleventh edition of the Africa Energy Indaba – which will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, from February 19 to 20 this year – will focus on the future prospects and direction of energy on the African continent from an energy provision and investment point of view. “Africa is the next investment frontier for energy. Energy access is now part of the political debate on the continent and there is an increase in political will to provide energy for African countries,” says Africa Energy Indaba MD Liz Hart.
What to expect from 2019 Africa Energy Indaba
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Africa Energy Indaba Conference is the definitive energy conference for Africa providing an annual programme that shapes energy policy for the African continent. Key issues that impact the African energy sector will be discussed and debated at the event, based on the outcomes of the 2018 Africa Energy Ministerial Roundtable. The conference will provide an opportunity to debate policy, review industrial progress and market trends, discuss the efficiency of various public support mechanisms and public-private partnerships across the continent and review new data and the latest technological trends globally. Delegates in the early stages of their careers will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the energy sector and to lay the foundations for their role as “future energy leaders”.
Nico project positioned to help meet growing cobalt demand
Published: 15 Feb 19
Development-stage mining company Fortune Minerals’ Nico cobalt/gold/bismuth/copper project, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, is one of the few cobalt development stage projects situated outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that can support near-term accelerating demand for cobalt, says Fortune Minerals president and CEO Robin Goad. The project comprises a proposed mine and mill in the Northwest Territories and a refinery in Saskatchewan.
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