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Upcoming protest not the first amid talks of transition away from coal – SAWEA
Published: 16 Nov 18
The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has defended the industry’s job creation potential. This comes ahead of a peaceful march by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), which is planned for November 17, to protest potential job losses in the coal-fired power generation sector as a result of South Africa’s plans to increase its use of renewable energy sources.
Morwe signals strategy shift as he prioritises restoration of trust amid ‘turbulance’
Published: 07 Nov 18
Transnet acting CEO Tau Morwe is prioritising the restoration of trust, internally and externally, which he acknowledges has been affected by the “turbulence” associated with recent action taken by the board to tackle corruption and recover money “siphoned” from the State-owned company. However, has also hinted to a possible shift in Transnet’s current strategy, which he believes does not pay sufficient attention for the development of rail and port infrastructure and is, instead, designed primarily at “defending turf”.
Is there a risk of load-shedding this summer? Has Video
Published: 07 Nov 18
Creamer Media's Chanel de Bruyn speaks to Engineering News Editor Terence Creamer about Eskom’s plant performance challenges, whether there is a risk of load-shedding and the importance of determining the future energy availability factor at Eskom’s coal-fired power plants.
African Development Bank plans R10bn in loans to Eskom
Published: 07 Nov 18
The African Development Bank plans to lend South African power utility Eskom around R10-billion ($720-million) in 2019 and 2020, the bank's president Akinwumi Adesina said. "We plan to lend around $620-million for the Medupi power plant, and around $100-million for Eskom's transmission network, but that still needs to be approved by the board," said Adesina, whose bank is holding an investment forum in Johannesburg.
Big power users call for inflation-linked tariff ‘compact’ and industry review
Published: 01 Nov 18
The Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) has called for an electricity price compact that sustains tariff increases as close to consumer price inflation as possible for the coming five years. The proposal is made in a precursor to the EIUG’s official response to Eskom’s latest revenue application, which will be adjudicated by the regulator in the coming months. The EUIG’s mining and industrial member companies collectively constitute 40% of Eskom’s yearly sales and account for just over 20% of the country’s gross domestic product. In 2017, the companies directly employed over 650 000 people in South Africa.
Digitisation set to shake up the energy sector
Published: 01 Nov 18
Energy experts believe there are great opportunities to save money and boost efficiency with a move towards more digitisation in the energy sector. They are preparing for a shake-up, spurred on by a move away from conventional generation systems, a surge in renewable energy and the introduction of more micro-grids.
Load-shedding spectre returns as unplanned outages rise
Published: 01 Nov 18
The spectre of load-shedding, which has haunted South Africa and its economy since 2008, but has lifted somewhat in recent years, appears to have returned. State-owned electricity producer Eskom confirmed with Engineering News Online on Thursday that the system had become vulnerable once again, owing primarily to a rise in unplanned outages. The breakdowns are coinciding with an increase in scheduled maintenance, which is always planned for the low-demand summer months.
New Eskom report warns of possible generation gaps in coming five years
Published: 31 Oct 18
Eskom’s newly released Medium-Term System Adequacy Outlook (MTSAO) report highlights several risks to South Africa’s electricity supply for the period 2018 to 2023 and indicates that additional capacity will be required during the period to restore generation adequacy should the energy availability factor (EAF) from the coal fleet fall below 75%. The document tests six EAF scenarios across two demand forecasts: a moderate demand scenario, represented by average yearly growth of 1.9%; and a low demand scenario of 0.64% a year over the five-year period.
Greenpeace Africa affirms Mpumalanga is a nitrogen dioxide air pollution hotspot
Published: 29 Oct 18
Greenpeace Africa states that analysis from satellite data between June 1 and August 31 shows that Mpumalanga is the world’s largest nitrogen dioxide air pollution hotspot across six continents. The data points to coal and transport as the two principal sources of the nitrogen dioxide air pollution.
Fossil Fuel Foundation sees clean coal as a solution for South Africa
Published: 29 Oct 18
The Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF) has advocated strongly for coal to be retained as a sustainable part of South Africa's energy mix for the short to medium term. “Contrary to the popular belief that ‘coal is dead’, South Africa’s coal resources are abundant and can provide low-emitting, cost-effective reliable and sustainable power well into the future with the correct technology,” the FFF said during public hearings into the draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2018.  
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