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Natural Gas: Fuelling the Future Has PDF
Published: 15 Feb 19
Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fuel source that is formed deep beneath the earth's surface, it contains many different compounds, primarily methane. Although considered a simplistic fuel source, it provides consistent and dependable energy. When effectively burnt, Natural Gas is highly combustible and generates a tremendous amount of energy. Contrary to other fossil fuels, Natural Gas burns cleanly and emits remarkably low levels of potentially harmful waste and by-products into the air. The demand for a fuel that can get the job done without damaging the environment has always been there, this demand continues to grow.
Reatile acquires 37.54% stake in Pragma Holdings
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Reatile Group, an investment holding company, has acquired a 37.54% stake in Pragma, one of SA’s leading enterprise asset and facilities management companies. This move enhances Pragma’s potential international growth, while accelerating the organisation’s transformation agenda. “I’ve been involved with Pragma for a while, and I’ve known Reatile for much longer. I believe it’s a great move forward for both companies. I think what’s important is that it’s a very sound business decision based on normal business principles and creates a good platform for growth for both Pragma and Reatile. It will increase the business footprint in the energy sector in South Africa, but beyond that, this deal also accelerates Pragma’s South African transformation agenda and enhances the potential for international growth,” says Marjo Louw, Pragma Chairman.
Tanzania hydropower dam to cost more than double government estimate – study
Published: 15 Feb 19
Tanzania's Stiegler's Gorge Dam, due to be built on a Unesco World Heritage site, will cost more than double the government's estimates, an independent study showed on Thursday. In December, Tanzania signed a deal with two Egyptian companies, El Sewedy Electric Co and Arab Contractors, to build the $3-billion hydroelectric plant.
Event set to dissect the future of African energy
Published: 15 Feb 19
The eleventh edition of the Africa Energy Indaba – which will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, from February 19 to 20 this year – will focus on the future prospects and direction of energy on the African continent from an energy provision and investment point of view. “Africa is the next investment frontier for energy. Energy access is now part of the political debate on the continent and there is an increase in political will to provide energy for African countries,” says Africa Energy Indaba MD Liz Hart.
Continent’s energy demands increase
Published: 15 Feb 19
Africa’s demand for energy is steadily increasing and solutions to meet this growth have become a major concern amongst the energy sector leaders of the continent. Key factors contributing to this soaring energy demand are Africa’s ever-growing population and the continent’s accelerating economic growth.  According to projections published by the United Nations Population Division, Africa’s population has grown by 30-million people in the past year and by 2050, annual increases are expected to exceed 42-million people a year meaning that the total population will have doubled to 2.4-billion. This translates to 3.5-million additional people a month or 80 more people a minute. The vast increase in the number of people in Africa along with increased standards of living puts significant pressure on the demand for affordable energy.
Hospital group’s impressive energy savings journey recognised
Published: 15 Feb 19
Private healthcare company Netcare Group replaced 108 000 inefficient lights and light fittings with modern energy efficient alternatives, and reduced its light-load by 40%, offsetting its hospitals’ carbon footprint by 16 000 t/y of carbon dioxide, says Netcare Group CEO Dr Richard Friedland. The group received the South African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) Commercial Energy Project of the Year 2018 award for the project, which delivered energy savings of more than 17 000 000 kWh in the first year of operation.
What to expect from 2019 Africa Energy Indaba
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Africa Energy Indaba Conference is the definitive energy conference for Africa providing an annual programme that shapes energy policy for the African continent. Key issues that impact the African energy sector will be discussed and debated at the event, based on the outcomes of the 2018 Africa Energy Ministerial Roundtable. The conference will provide an opportunity to debate policy, review industrial progress and market trends, discuss the efficiency of various public support mechanisms and public-private partnerships across the continent and review new data and the latest technological trends globally. Delegates in the early stages of their careers will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the energy sector and to lay the foundations for their role as “future energy leaders”.
Energy capacity shortfalls stunting Africa’s industrialisation efforts
Published: 15 Feb 19
Insurance company the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa (ECIC) says there are significant shortfalls and backlogs in Africa’s installed energy capacity, which is stunting the continent’s efforts to industrialise and expand its local economies. ECIC COO Mandisi Nkuhlu stresses that electricity blackouts and interruptions in supply are commonplace occurrences in Africa, which place an unnecessary burden on the growth and development of industries throughout Africa.
Technical workshops to address energy efficiency
Published: 15 Feb 19
The Department of Trade and Industry’s National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) programme states that it will host technical workshops at this year’s Africa Energy Indaba. NCPC-SA communication manager Julie Wells tells Engineering News that the organisation plans on “a strong showing” at this year’s Indaba. The NCPC-SA – aiming to assist industry in transitioning to a low-carbon and more sustainable operating model – and other organisations will present workshops in the technical workshops area, which will be located on the exhibition floor, on topics such as Industry 4.0 in energy and applying energy management in a company.
Precious metals refiners face new LBMA environmental standard Has Video
Published: 15 Feb 19
The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has launched a new standard that addresses environmental as well as sustainability issues in gold and silver markets. To do that in a credible way, LBMA has been actively engaging with mining companies and producer nations.
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