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Visa regulation amendments to ease entry for business travellers, tourists
Published: 25 Sep 18
The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is pursuing new regulations to make it easier for business travellers, tourists and academia to enter South Africa, but South African minors leaving the country will still need consent from both parents when leaving the country. The announcement of the new regulations by Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, on Tuesday, are in line with the new economic stimulus and recovery plan announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday.
100 Resilient Cities 'game-changer' launched in Cape Town to tackle urban problems
Published: 21 Sep 18
Cape Town has felt the shock of the taps nearly running dry and the shock of floods. It has felt the chronic stress of crime and being the murder capital of the country. The daily stress of hours in traffic congestion and being stranded on trains. The stress of poverty and 450 000 people who want to work but cannot find jobs. Now Cape Town is looking at a different way of tackling these issues. Two years ago, Cape Town was selected with 99 other cities worldwide to be part of an international ...
OGAN Lovells announces new Chairman of South Africa practice Has PDF
Published: 21 Sep 18
Hogan Lovells is delighted to announce the appointment of Nkonzo Hlatshwayo as the new Chairman of its South African practice, effective as of 1 October. Traditionally the South African legal industry appoints Chairs rather than Office Managing Partners. The firm's South African practice serves a wide range of public and private companies, financial institutions, government agencies, regulatory authorities, private equity firms and business leaders.
Recorded music
Published: 21 Sep 18
From the first voice and music recordings of the 1800s, nothing much changed in the early part of the 1900s. Wind-up gramophones with paper mache cones were used for the reproduction of music that was stored on metal or wax discs. There was no electronic amplification – the recording was done by using a diaphragm to carve grooves into a disc. Electronic amplification followed and then tape recording, vinyl records, CDs, a brief excursion into compression, such as MP3, and now the superdigital age, where people think nothing of downloading 20 megabytes of a music collection and storing it on a 60 gigabyte drive, connected to earphones of limited reproduction quality.
Cabinet approves new Mining Charter
Published: 20 Sep 18
The South African Cabinet has approved the latest version of the long-delayed mining charter which lay outs requirements for black ownership levels and other targets, a cabinet minister said on Thursday. Communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane told reporters that more details about the charter would be announced on Friday by President Cyril Ramaphosa when he unveils a new economic stimulus package.
Poor internal coordination in SA cities adding to cost of doing business
Published: 19 Sep 18
A new World Bank report highlights how a lack of internal coordination between departments within several of South Africa’s largest cities is undermining the delivery of services to businesses operating within those locations and burdening entrepreneurs with timing consuming and costly red tape. Titled ‘Doing Business in South Africa 2018’ the report benchmarks the performance of nine South African cities against those of 189 other city economies. The study is based on responses from businesses with regards the way their city deals with construction permits, registering properties, delivering electricity connections and enforcing contracts.
Hogan Lovells SA announces new chairperson
Published: 19 Sep 18
Law firm Hogan Lovells has appointed Nkonzo Hlatshwayo as chairperson of its South African practice as of October 1, as the term of current chairperson Lavery Modise ends. The firm praised Modise for being an inspirational and dedicated leader during his term at the South African practice, which has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Western Cape farmers call for easing of water restrictions to repair drought damage
Published: 18 Sep 18
Western Cape farmers are calling on government to reveal how much water they are likely to be allocated this summer, so they can make plans to fix the damage caused by the 60% cut in their water supply. Some farmers say they have already experienced their Day Zero – now they want to know if they will be allocated enough water for the coming season to enable them to get back on their feet. Western Cape agriculture lost R5.6-billion and 30 000 jobs because of the drought. The sector employs 340 ...
City of Cape Town announces improving dam levels
Published: 17 Sep 18
The City of Cape Town on Monday announced that dam levels feeding the city had improved to 70 percent of storage capacity over the past week. The announcement came as Cape Town and surrounding areas experienced further heavy rainfall overnight Sunday and into Monday, with further rainfall predicted Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Trailblazers, innovators win awards at GIL
Published: 14 Sep 18
Trailblazers, innovators and entrepreneurs have been honoured with Best Practices Awards by global market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. The company held its Growth, Innovation and Leadership awards banquet, in Cape Town, this week, to recognise the achievements of people in South Africa and other African countries in a range of categories, from energy and environment to transformational health and digital transformation.
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