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Cobalt 27 announces first-ever cobalt/nickel streaming deal Cobalt 27 announces first-ever cobalt/nickel streaming deal
Published: 23 May 18
Canadian cobalt company Cobalt 27 has created the world’s first cobalt/nickel streaming deal with ASX-listed Highlands Nickel on the Ramu mine, located in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The two partners have signed a metal purchase and sale agreement (MPA) that entails Cobalt 27 gaining the right to buy 55% of Highlands’ subsidiary Ramu Nickel (RNL) cobalt output and 27.5% of payable nickel metal output in return for a C$146-million upfront cash deposit to Highlands.
Rio Tinto confirms talks of $3.5bn Grasberg stake sale Rio Tinto confirms talks of $3.5bn Grasberg stake sale
Published: 23 May 18
Multinational diversified miner Rio Tinto confirmed on Tuesday that it is in talks with PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) to sell its stake in the Grasberg copper/gold mine, in Indonesia, for $3.5-billion. Media rumours swirled on Tuesday about the deal, prompting Rio Tinto to make a public statement that “discussions between Rio Tinto, Inalum and joint-venture Freeport are ongoing, including as to price. No agreement has been reached, and there is no certainty that binding agreements will be signed”.
Oil pipeline plot thickens as British Columbia files Alberta suit over ‘tariff-like’ act Oil pipeline plot thickens as British Columbia files Alberta suit over ‘tariff-like’ act
Published: 23 May 18
A significant disruption in the supply of gasoline, diesel, and crude oil from Alberta to British Columbia would cause British Columbia “irreparable harm” and could “injure human health and safety in remote communities”, the provincial government argued in a statement of claim filed in Alberta's Court of Queen’s Bench on Tuesday. British Columbia’s attorney general is taking his Alberta counterpart to task on the constitutionality of Alberta’s ‘Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act’, saying the hastily written act’s main purpose is to impose a cost burden on crude oil, natural gas and refined fuels crossing the Alberta/British Columbia border and to function in a role served by tariffs to punish another province, namely British Columbia.
Goldcorp says Peru and Nevada would make portfolio perfect
Published: 22 May 18
Goldcorp CEO David Garofalo says he’s happy with his company’s portfolio of assets, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wish list. In an ideal world, the company would have an asset in Nevada’s Carlin Trend. “If you’re an Americas-based gold company, you should be there. Barrick and Newmont are there and we should be there,” he said in an interview in Toronto, adding he’d also like to acquire something in Peru. “Those are the two holes in our portfolio geopolitically I’d love to be able to fill in due course.”
Japan, Russia, Turkey bring potential US tariff retaliation to $3.5bn
Published: 22 May 18
Japan, Russia and Turkey have warned the United States about potential retaliation for its tariffs on steel and aluminium, the World Trade Organization said on Tuesday, bringing the total US tariff bill to around $3.5-billion annually. The three countries detailed their compensation claims in notifications to the world trade body, following similar moves by the European Union, India and China. Each showed how much the disputed US tariffs would add to the cost of steel and aluminium exports to the United States, based on 2017 trade.
Aton lifts M&R interest to 39.6%
Published: 22 May 18
German-owned Aton, has acquired a further 6 600 issued ordinary shares in Murray & Roberts (M&R) at R15 a share, taking its shareholding in M&R to 39.6%. Aton is seeking to acquire all of the shares in M&R not already owned by it.
Wescoal expects 303% increase in FY18 HEPS
Published: 22 May 18
JSE-listed Wescoal expects its headline earnings per share (HEPS) for the year ended March 31 to be in excess of 45.5c, which is a 303% increase on the HEPS of 11.3c reported for the 2017 financial year.
Harmony poised to hit 1.5m oz target – CEO Harmony poised to hit 1.5m oz target – CEO Has Video
Published: 22 May 18
Gold mining company Harmony Gold is well on track to hit its target of 1.5-million ounces of gold a year. The two big steps needed to ensure this – the acquisition and recapitalisation of the Hidden Valley gold mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and the acquisition of the Moab Khotsong in South Africa’s North West province – are both now behind it. (Also watch attached Creamer Media video.)
Lemur concludes concession agreement for Imaloto power project Lemur concludes concession agreement for Imaloto power project
Published: 22 May 18
Aim-listed Bushveld Minerals’ coal and energy subsidiary Lemur Holdings has executed a 30-year concession agreement with the Madagascar government for the development, construction, operation and maintenance of the Imaloto integrated thermal coal and power project. The concession comes on the back of a full coal mine exploitation licence, which is only one of three currently held by developers in Madagascar, and follows the signing of a 30-year binding power offtake agreement with the Madagascar State-owned utility Jirama.
Alrosa reopens office in world’s largest diamond jewellery market
Published: 22 May 18
Russian diamond miner Alrosa has successfully held its first auction in two years in the US, following the recent reopening of its representative office in New York. The New York office was first opened in 2006, but has not operated since 2016.
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