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China’s iron-ore discounts hit Fortescue revenue, profit falls sharply China’s iron-ore discounts hit Fortescue revenue, profit falls sharply
Published: 21 Feb 18
Chinese steelmakers’ demand for better-quality ore has had a significant impact on Australian miner Fortescue Metals’ half-year financial performance, with revenue contracting by 18% and net profit falling sharply, sending shares down about 4% on Wednesday. Australia’s third major iron-ore producer reported revenue of $3.68-billion in the six months ended December 2017, compared with $4.49-billion in the same period of 2018, as blast furnaces in China turns to higher iron content ores to reduce emissions.
China Hanking bids for Primary Gold
Published: 21 Feb 18
China Hanking Holdings launched a takeover bid for Australia's Primary Gold on Wednesday in line with a plan to build a long-term Australian gold business, valuing the target firm at A$37.5-million. China Hanking, which owns 8.4% of Primary Gold, will offer A$0.0575 a share for the miner through its unit Hanking Australia Investment, it said in a filing to the Hong Kong bourse on Wednesday.
Canada province considers law to retaliate against 'Buy American'
Published: 21 Feb 18
Ontario's Liberals, the ruling party in Canada's most populous province, introduced legislation on Tuesday that would give officials authority to retaliate against US states that institute "Buy American" procurement policies. The Fairness in Procurement Act would give Ontario's government authority "to take responsive action to address unfair government procurement practices" such as those being adopted in New York and Texas, Ontario's government said in a statement.
BC extends provincial flow-through tax credit for a year; resumes fight against Canadian oil BC extends provincial flow-through tax credit for a year; resumes fight against Canadian oil
Published: 21 Feb 18
The British Columbia provincial government has released its Budget 2018 plan, confirming that the provincial flow-through exploration tax incentive will be extended for another year until the end of 2018. The mining flow-through share programme is seen a critical component to reinforcing the province's competitiveness on the world mining stage. The incentive allows individuals who invest in flow-through shares to claim a non-refundable tax credit of 20% of their British Columbia flow-through expenditures.
World refined copper deficit widens to 195 000 t – ICSG
Published: 21 Feb 18
The global refined copper balance for the first eleven months of 2017 indicates a deficit of about 195 000 t, some 27% wider than at the same time a year earlier, the latest data from the Lisbon-based International Copper Study Group (ICSG) shows. The think tank fingered an almost stagnant growth in world refined copper supplies to blame for this trend, adding to a 40 000 t month-over-month widening of the copper supply gap.
Nautilus rises as vessel construction passes 75% completion
Published: 20 Feb 18
The TSX-listed equity of marine mining pioneer Nautilus Minerals has gained nearly 44% since the start of the year, adding about 7% on Tuesday alone on news that construction in China of its production support vessel has passed the 75% completion mark. Under construction at the Fujian Mawei Shipyard, the production support vessel has already seen the in-hold material handling system installed, allowing the vessel deck to be closed, while installation of the derrick substructures and advancement of the derrick structure continues.
As Trump takes aim at foreign metal, Canada argues for exemption
Published: 20 Feb 18
The biggest steel and aluminium exporter to the US is hopeful of being left out of a Trump administration crackdown on foreign shipments. The US Commerce Department didn’t recommend giving Canada a pass when it outlined possible tariffs and quotas on Friday, but it did single out its northern neighbours' importance to the US aluminium industry.
Gold miners ETF lures $529m inflow after market turmoil
Published: 20 Feb 18
Gold is burnishing its allure to investors in the wake of the recent market turmoil.
Global lead market surplus widens in December – ILZSG
Published: 20 Feb 18
The global lead market showed a surplus of 20 000 t in December, after a surplus of 9 900 t in November, data from the Lisbon-based International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) showed on Tuesday. For January to December, the lead market had an output deficit of 165 000 t, compared with a surplus of 16 000 t in the previous year.
Mongolia says can build power plant to supply Oyu Tolgoi mine
Published: 20 Feb 18
Mongolia can build a power plant at its Tavan Tolgoi coal mine by 2021 to supply the Oyu Tolgoi copper project, energy officials said on Tuesday, as the government seeks to hold Rio Tinto to an agreement to use Mongolian power. Tensions have mounted between the Mongolian government and its fellow shareholders in Oyu Tolgoi, where Rio Tinto is operating a huge underground extension.
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