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Gold Fields invests R6m to boost mechanised mining skills in South Africa
Published: 22 Nov 17
South African gold miner Gold Fields on Wednesday announced a R6-million, three-year partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) to further academic knowledge in the field of mechanised mining and rock engineering in South Africa. Gold Fields CEO Nick Holland and Wits vice-chancellor and principal Professor Adam Habib signed the partnership agreement, which involves Wits University’s School of Mining Engineering, the Wits Mining Institute and Gold Fields.
Sibanye share price rises on gold tailings deal with DRDGold Sibanye share price rises on gold tailings deal with DRDGold
Published: 22 Nov 17
The share price of Sibanye-Stillwater rose quickly and sharply on Wednesday on the news that the precious metals company had moved to create an industry-leading surface mining partnership with gold tailings retreatment company DRDGold. The proposed transaction, which saw the share price of Sibanye lift 3.65% to a  59c-higher R18.73 a share by early afternoon and the share price of DRDGold decline by a slight 0.81% to a 4 c-lower R4.92 c a share, involves Sibanye vending selected West Rand Tailings Retreatment Project (WRTRP) surface processing assets and tailings storage facilities into DRDGold for a 38% slice of the JSE-listed surface mining company’s ordinary share capital, which as at Tuesday was valued at R1.3-billion.
Scope of Kerimov's immunity status up to judge to decide upon, says France
Published: 22 Nov 17
The scope of the immunity status accorded to Russian businessman and lawmaker Suleiman Kerimov, who has been arrested in France, is up to the French judge dealing with the matter to decide upon, said the French foreign ministry. Kerimov was arrested by French police at Nice airport on Monday evening in connection with a tax evasion case, and the Kremlin said it would do everything in its power to defend his lawful interests.
Metals billionaire to win whether electric cars boom or bust Metals billionaire to win whether electric cars boom or bust
Published: 22 Nov 17
There are two major reasons mining billionaire Vladimir Potanin is within a hair’s breadth of regaining his ranking as Russia’s richest tycoon this year. One is higher prices for nickel used in batteries as metals traders bet electric vehicles are the future of transportation. The other is a jump in palladium on wagers that gasoline cars will be here for a long time yet.
Indonesia's Antam eyes 162% jump in 2018 nickel ore sales
Published: 22 Nov 17
Indonesia's state-owned diversified miner PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) is targetting a 162% jump in nickel ore sales next year to 11-million tonnes from an estimated 4.2-million tonnes this year, its CEO said on Wednesday. Of that amount approximately 3.9-million tonnes will be exported while the remainder will be sold domestically, including to Antam's own smelters, Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo told Reuters in a text message.
Funding made available to advance Burkina Faso solar project
Published: 22 Nov 17
The Banque Internationale pour le Commerce, l’Industrie et l’Artisanat du Burkina (BICIAB), a BNP Paribas Group subsidiary, will provide $16.5-million in financing to Eren Renewable Energy for a 15 MW solar power plant that is under construction in Burkina Faso. The funding was granted to Essakane Solar, the project venture that owns the power plant.
South African silicosis case nears out-of-court settlement
Published: 22 Nov 17
Lawyers acting for thousands of miners who contracted fatal lung diseases silicosis and TB in mines said on Tuesday settlement talks with implicated gold companies for an out-of-court deal could be reached by December. The High Court last year set the stage for protracted proceedings on cases dating back decades in the largest class action suit yet in Africa’s most industrialized country.
Savannah reports 'significant' lithium intersections at Portugal project
Published: 22 Nov 17
The reverse circulation (RC) drill programme for the Mina do Barroso lithium project, in Portugal, has returned significant intersections of lithium mineralisation, Aim-quoted Savannah Resources reported on Wednesday. The company has completed a further 27 holes f
Triton inches closer to opening Ancuabe graphite project
Published: 22 Nov 17
ASX-listed Triton Minerals has started the transition from explorer to developer with the submission by its subsidiary Grafex Limitada of its Mining concession application (MCA) to the Instituto Nacional de Minas (INAMI) for its large flake, high-purity Ancuabe graphite project in northern Mozambique. The MCA encompasses all aspects of the project including geology, mining, metallurgy, process design, infrastructure, environmental, social and community, marketing, implementation schedule and financial evaluation.
Maximus sees opportunities for further gold deposits at Spargoville
Published: 22 Nov 17
ASX-listed gold miner Maximus Resources on Wednesday said it was aggressively pursuing further resource definition across the Spargoville gold project area, 70 km south of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia’s eastern goldfields, while actively progressing the conversion of existing resources into mineable reserves. With a current resource estimate totalling 112 000 oz of gold across five open deposits, the miner noted that several opportunities existed for further gold deposits across the 11 400 ha Spargoville holdings, which included the former high-grade Wattle Dam gold mine area.
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